Battle of Wits


Quiz Sites

Funtrivia – The Best “Princess Bride” Quiz test your knowledge of the movie and book. Do you know which sports team is on the grandson’s pajamas? (go now)

Funtrivia – The Battle of Wits Has Begun… Did Willam Goldman write the abridged version of “The Princess Bride”? (go now)

Funtrivia – Inconceivable “Princess Bride” Questions, do you know Inigo Montoya’s fathers first name? (go now)

Funtrivia – Another “Princess Bride” Quiz, do you know what animial Prince Humperdink can track on a cloudy day? (go now)

– The kind of pet you have can tell you what Princess Bride Character are you, find out now! (go now)

TV Loop – The Greatest Princess Bride Quiz this is for major fans only, do you know what films Cary Elwes appeared in during 2004? (go now)

TV Loop – Can you save Buttercup? You’ll need to know how many terrors are in the fire swamp. (go now)

TV Loop – Could you be the next Dread Pirate Roberts? Maybe… if you know the square root of pi. (go now)

Facebook – The Princess Bride Quiz, do you know what country iocane powder is from? (go now)


NY Daily News – Where are they now? See current photos of your favorite stars and get the latest on where they are today. (go now)

– All the best Princess Bride Trivia, did you know that Princess Bride Director Rob Reiner was the voice of the R.O.U.S.s? Get even more inside information. (go now)

IMDB – All your favorite quotes and maybe some you don’t remember! (go now)

Video Clips

Youtube – How many finger do you have on your right hand? Watch the quest of Inigo Montoya to avenge the death of his father. (go now)

Youtube – Where is the poison? The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right… and who is dead. (go now)

– Mawwiage, mawwiage is whha bwings us togewether today. Watch the marriage of Prince Humperdink and Buttercup. (go now)

Youtube – Watch these superfans reenactment the famous Battle of the Wits scene. (go now)

Youtube – Princess Bride meets Star Wars in this fan modified Lightsaber version of Count Tyrone Rugen and Inigo Montoya’s epic battle. (go now)

Funny or Die – This is a condensed, no budget, 5 minute version of “The Princess Bride” made in the style of the “Sweded” movies in Michel Gondry’s “Be Kind, Rewind”. This was made for a contest in conjunction with the Alamo Drafthouse. (go now)

Other Great Stuff

Facebook – Join all the other superfans and become a Princess Bride fan on Facebook. Have your favorite movie quotes and trivia ready to post! (go now)

Princess Bride Game – Help Princess Buttercup and Westley live happily ever after. (go now)

Hallmark – This musical Princess Bride E-Card will charm the love of your life. (go now)

Cubeecraft – Bring your favorite characters anywhere! Download, print, cut and fold these Official Princess Bride Game Cubeecrafts. (go now)

Newsarama – The Princess Bride comic book is a fun activity book for kids (of all ages) to color and add their own dialog and even includes a crossword puzzle. (go now)