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Putting the “man” back in “romance” by Helen O’Hara

After seeing Lasse Hallstrom’s Dear John, a soppy Nicholas Sparks love story from the guy’s point of view, we were inspired to spend a moment or two looking at the romances that are aimed at those of you with an XY chromosome. Here are the films that prove that you can be manly and romantic all at the same time, and that falling in love doesn’t have to be just for girls. What’s more, watching these will win you brownie points with the ladies in your life as well, so what’s not to love? Continue reading

Details and video on the Princess Bride sword replica emerge (excuse me while I faint) by Jason Millward on 02/25/2010

I am trying to be really calm about this. You guys know how I feel about replicas when they’re done wrong. I tend to get a little, shall we say, overzealous. We’ve got the exact opposite here and, frankly, I’m at a loss for words. I’ve been saying that a movie replica needs to be attractive, realistic, and- above all else- able to be held and posed with. Factory Entertainment has heard my pleas. They have softly replied, “As you wish.”battleofwits

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15 Romantic Movies Men Should Love   By Eric Eisenberg   February 10, 2010

We are only into the sixth week of 2010, and we are about to get our third romantic comedy this weekend in the form of Garry Marshall’s Valentine’s Day. With the eponymous holiday coming up on Sunday, you can be sure that boyfriends around the world will be dragged to see the ensemble film. Come Monday, however, studio executives over at Warner Bros. won’t be expecting said guys to be gushing about the film to their friends: they know who their target audience is, and it ain’t the ones with dangly parts. It doesn’t exactly come off as manly to admit to your friends that you cried a bit when the dreamboat finally admitted his everlasting love to the 30-something workaholic who always put her job before her love life. So what about romantic comedies that man can actually admit to seeing and owning without committing a man violation? You’re in luck, because I have thought of fifteen of them.


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A Story Book Love

February 5, 2010 – The Post Critic, Nick Spinelli Signal Staff

It’s crass. It’s commercial. It’s sappy. It’s devoid of any actual meaning. Most importantly, it was designed by a cynical, manipulative industry that wants to take someone’s hard earned dollars and provide nothing more than a fleeting emotional response in return. And you know what? I fall for it every time. I am referring of course to Valentine’s Day, but the above description also applies to the films we will be examining this month. They all fall into the lessthan reputable genre known as the romantic comedy. Continue reading