Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice hits SA’s screens on Friday 27 August and is set to become an instant hit amongst fantasy film fans! The genre is one of the most lucrative and followed of films, appealing to old and young alike. The top 10 Fantasy Films of all time, according to the experts is below. Continue reading

Director Spotlight: The Princess Bride

The Devil’s Advocate Movie Reviews by Ashley Davis

In 1987, Director Rob Reiner’s film, The Princess Bride, was released to the big screen. This started a sort of cult-following of the film. The movie, which is based off a book with the same title, followed the story of the love between a farm boy and a beautiful girl. The movie stars Fred Savage, as a 10-year old boy who is sick from school. His grandfather, played by Peter Falk (who is most recognized as playing Colombo), comes to his bedside, and reads him The Princess Bride to make him feel better. The actual story starts off with Westley (Cary Elwes) as a farm boy and works for a beautiful country girl, Buttercup (played by Robin Wright in her debut role). Continue reading

An epic discussion with Rob Reiner about ‘Flipped,’ ‘Princess Bride,’ Misery’ and more

HIT FIX – Wednesday, Aug 4, 2010  by Drew McWeeny

Every now and then, you ask for an interview and things come together just right.

I saw Rob Reiner’s new film “Flipped” a few months ago, and I was charmed by it immediately. At that point, I started asking Warner Bros. to put me together with Reiner for a long-form interview like the one I conducted last year with Terry Gilliam at Comic-Con.

That may sound like an easy request, but these days, it’s really not. You’re typically given ten or fifteen minutes, and since they’re typically interested in talking about the new movie or TV show or book or whatever, and since you’ve got publicists hovering nearby to suggest that you keep the conversation somewhat on-topic, you rarely get a chance to just relax and discuss the full body of someone’s work. Continue reading

Princess Bride-al Shower

Peach Pizzazz – June 25, 2010

Princess Bride-al Shower
I’m a sucker for movie-themed parties, not to mention it’s where I got my start in party-planning. I love how you can interpret aspects of a film into a party design! And since there are almost endless films to act as inspiration, it’s a never-ending challenge! One example that has been on my mind for awhile is a Bridal Shower based on The Princess Bride, (Princess Bride-al Shower?) Maybe it’s the bride’s favorite movie, or maybe you just want to interpret this cult-classic love story into a fun theme – I’ve got the ideas right here! Continue reading

Chick Flicks For Guys

Putting the “man” back in “romance” by Helen O’Hara

After seeing Lasse Hallstrom’s Dear John, a soppy Nicholas Sparks love story from the guy’s point of view, we were inspired to spend a moment or two looking at the romances that are aimed at those of you with an XY chromosome. Here are the films that prove that you can be manly and romantic all at the same time, and that falling in love doesn’t have to be just for girls. What’s more, watching these will win you brownie points with the ladies in your life as well, so what’s not to love? Continue reading