Chick Flicks For Guys

Putting the “man” back in “romance” by Helen O’Hara

After seeing Lasse Hallstrom’s Dear John, a soppy Nicholas Sparks love story from the guy’s point of view, we were inspired to spend a moment or two looking at the romances that are aimed at those of you with an XY chromosome. Here are the films that prove that you can be manly and romantic all at the same time, and that falling in love doesn’t have to be just for girls. What’s more, watching these will win you brownie points with the ladies in your life as well, so what’s not to love?


The Princess Bride

The none-more-girly title hides a film that is in fact full of sword fights, wrestling, hunting, monsters, giants and a script of comic perfection. Oh sure, there’s a bit of talk about true love and a few longing glances, but if your instinctive reaction to such things is to make a face and describe them as “icky”, one of the characters even represents you onscreen! One of the most endlessly rewatchable films ever made, you can sucker fans of Kate Hudson movies in with the title, and then hit them with the great quality script.

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