Design, As You Wish

A new design competition is inspired by one of our favorite movies of all time: The Princess Bride.

What we watch deeply influences our outlook on the world and also our personal style–and movies play a huge role in this. In middle school, I spent weeks with my hair pulled into tight buns because of Sailor Moon; In high school, I did my best to dress like the girls in Clueless, and at one point chopped all of my hair off because Charlize Theron looked amazing with a curly blond halo of hair in Mighty Joe Young and I thought I might too. Not all of these were the best ideas, but all have contributed to who I am today.

Along with other great movies such as The Goonies, Labyrinth, The NeverEnding Story and Willow, The Princess Bride holds a special place in our hearts and will forever. Everything about the movie – from the Grandfather telling the story to his his sick Grandson, to the Pit of Despair and Westley’s “To the pain…” speech near the film’s end – is brilliant and memorable. It is one of the few movies we’ll always be able to watch and enjoy.

Anyway, while bouncing around from site-to-site yesterday, I discovered something fabulous: The Official Princess Bride T-shirt Design Contest. We love design contests and always enjoy looking through the entries, but this one I might actually enter simply because it is so near and dear to my heart, and because there are so many amazing things from the movie to be inspired by.

So what’s the deal? Design a graphic image inspired by the movie and submit it online. Ten finalists will have their shirts offered for sale, and the top three finalists will win prizes ranging from $500 cash to rare Princess Bride memorabilia. Submit your best work now through January 25th. The ten finalists will be revealed on February 1st. Winners (those with the most public votes) will be announced on February 12th.

Right now there are 43 entries and our favorites are shown above. We know you can do better than that so get cracking. What will inspire your design? Buttercup? The ROUSes? Miracle Max? True love? Revenge?

And what are some of your all-time favorite movies?

Feature Article in TV | Movies by Casey Kettleson / January 12, 2010