Details and video on the Princess Bride sword replica emerge (excuse me while I faint) by Jason Millward on 02/25/2010

I am trying to be really calm about this. You guys know how I feel about replicas when they’re done wrong. I tend to get a little, shall we say, overzealous. We’ve got the exact opposite here and, frankly, I’m at a loss for words. I’ve been saying that a movie replica needs to be attractive, realistic, and- above all else- able to be held and posed with. Factory Entertainment has heard my pleas. They have softly replied, “As you wish.”battleofwits

First announced late last year, we now have details (and a video after the jump) on the first of two film-quality prop swords from The Princess Bride. To them I say, here is the number and password for my bank account. The Dread Pirate Roberts’ sword (which will be followed by the great sword-maker Domingo Montoya’s final creation) will be limited to only 750 pieces. They are to be crafted from the same materials as used in the actual film props, including a spring steel blade and a leather wrapped handle. Included will be a scabbard, a wall-mount display, and a numbered plaque. The price and release date are still pending.

All, I can say is YES! I imagine that we’re talking about hundreds of dollars here, but these appear to be just that cool. If I have to delay on my purchase of a house to own one or both of these, I may do exactly that. After all, what is a home but a place to display Inigo Montoya’s sword?

Check out the video!