Director Spotlight: The Princess Bride

The Devil’s Advocate Movie Reviews by Ashley Davis

In 1987, Director Rob Reiner’s film, The Princess Bride, was released to the big screen. This started a sort of cult-following of the film. The movie, which is based off a book with the same title, followed the story of the love between a farm boy and a beautiful girl. The movie stars Fred Savage, as a 10-year old boy who is sick from school. His grandfather, played by Peter Falk (who is most recognized as playing Colombo), comes to his bedside, and reads him The Princess Bride to make him feel better. The actual story starts off with Westley (Cary Elwes) as a farm boy and works for a beautiful country girl, Buttercup (played by Robin Wright in her debut role). The both love each other but do not know of the other’s love. Once they realize they both love each other, Westley leaves his farm boy job to search for his wealth elsewhere so they can marry. Buttercup hears of Westley’s untimely death by the hand of the Dread Pirate Roberts, and delves into a deep depression. Meanwhile, Prince Humperdink (played by Chris Sarandon) has to choose a wife amongst the eligible women of his land. He chooses Buttercup, and she reluctantly accepts his proposal, knowing that her Westley was dead. However, before their wedding, Buttercup is kidnapped by three men claiming to be lost (played by Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, and Andre the Giant). Buttercup and Prince Humperdink’s lives start to unravel, as does the kidnappers’ plan, when a man dressed in black shows up and tries to foil their plans.

Billy Crystal and Carol Kane make appearances as a witch and wizard couple who worked for Humperdink’s father, and make a memorable impression on the audience. One of the most memorable and favorite scenes of mine from this movie is the fight scene between The Man In Black and Inigo Montoya (Cary Elwes/Mandy Patinkin). This scene shows the two rivals (who later become good allies) duel it out with their fencing skills (swordplay). Personally, this scene made me want to learn how to fence. Other cult favorites in this movie include certain lines such as “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!!”, “As you wish”, and probably what most people recognize is the Vizzini’s (Wallace Shawn) catchphrase “Inconceivable!” Also most loved was Andre the Giant’s role as the rhyme-loving Fezzik.

This movie is seems like a chick flick with its love story storyline. However, this is the perfect date movie. Not only does it have your typical chick flick standard, but it also has enough fighting and manliness to satisfy your date. It’s a perfect balance between femininity and masculinity. Also, the amazing cast will surely please both the guys and the girls. Many people love this film, and its obvious why. Just be careful you don’t get too involved, you may want to build a summer home in the Fire Swamp as well! Just don’t forget to watch out for the quicksand and the R.O.U.Ses! 100 Pitchforks.

(Editorial Note: As much as I love the film, 100 pitchforks would look far too chaotic, so we’ll go with the standard maximum of 5)