Halloween 2010: The Princess Bride

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Halloween2010: ThePrincessBride

So, this year for Halloween, we used “The Princess Bride” as our theme. There were some other contenders, but everyone was happy with a role offered by this 80s cult classic, so we embraced it.

Here’s the breakdown:

Maia is easily the most laid-back child ever to exit my womb (you like that image, don’t you?). She was on board with whatever we talked about, but genuinely seemed pleased to get to be Valerie, Miracle Max’s wife. She nailed the voice and memorized a few of her memorable lines. We used an entire bottle of white spray on her thick tresses and they were still quite brown. That Hunter hair’s lusciousness knows no bounds, I tell you!

Mason was thrilled to choose Miracle Max as his role. He loved the balding/gray-haired wig and the wizard-y hat. He ran around smiling, with his robe billowing out behind him.

Marlee refused our other theme ideas this year because there was nothing scary in them (sorry Mary Poppins, and The Cat in the Hat–you’re too tame for my seven-year-old). At first, she said she wanted to be a shrieking eel, but I suggested the R.O.U.S. instead (thinking an eel might be slightly harder than a giant rat for Mom to make). She happily agreed to be the R.O.U.S.

Thankfully, Mackenna wanted to be Buttercup. How could we do “The Princess Bride” without the actual princess bride? When I asked her which of Buttercup’s outfits she wanted to wear, she shocked me. Personally, I would choose the blue dress Buttercup wears at the end of the movie when she jumps out the window into Fezzick’s arms–and I’m not 1/10th as girlie as Mackenna. But she didn’t want that dress. She didn’t even want the red dress from the kidnapping/Fire Swamp scenes. No, she wanted to wear a peasant garb from the very beginning of the film. I tried to change her mind, but that task is nigh to impossible with my five-year-old. Farm Girl Buttercup it was.

Michael tried to put up a fight about being The Man in Black, but, thankfully, I am able to change his mind (or rather, ignore his protests). He even grew out his mustache for a few days and fashioned his sword handle out of a twisted coat hanger. I think he looked smashing.

As for me, well, it wouldn’t be Halloween if I didn’t get some left-over/cross-dressing role. But this was a good one and I had fun with it. I was Inigo Montoya, of “you killed my father, prepare to die” fame. Thankfully, letting my own mustache grow for a few days wouldn’t have given the needed results, so my dear generous friend, Cari, hooked me up with a pseudo-‘stache. And I rocked the hair, n’est-ce pas?

Here we all are, together in our glory: (click here to view more photos)