Inconceivable! The Princess Bride Readalong

BOOK-A-RAMA - The Princess Bride Readalong

Ahoy maties! Get ready for The Princess Bride Readalong starting October 2nd. This gives you all over a month to dig out your old copies, or beg, borrow or steal* copies (well, not steal. We’re not real pirates.) from various sources for the official start of the readalong.

We’ll start discussions here on October 2. No need to sign up or anything, just show up and comment. I’ll post about the readalong to remind everyone before it starts. And now for our reading schedule:

Week One: Introduction and Part One, Two, Three and Four (they’re short)
Week Two: Part Five
Week Three: Part Six
Week Four: Part Seven & Eight
Week Five: Buttercup’s Baby (some later editions may have this addition, some may not)

Feel free to grab the button at the top and post on your blog to let others know about the readalong. Tell your friends, family, fellow pirates, six fingered men and Rodents of Unusual Size. Link back to this post and see you here in October for the readalong.