The Sword of Inigo Montoya: Finally, you can see its equal (and buy it)!

Bashing In MindsAuthor: cabridges September 12, 2010

InigoSwordOf all the props or prop replicas from TV shows or movies I’ve ever coveted, the one that has been the most inexplicably absent, as far as I was concerned, was the sword of Inigo Montoya from the movie “The Princess Bride.” A focal point of the movie, this stunning blade was famed throughout Spain, Guilder, Florin, and much of the rest of Europe as the blindingly fast weapon of the sword master Inigo Montoya. The finest sword ever crafted by his father, the greatest swordmaker in the world, it became Inigo’s when the sword’s buyer haggled over the price and ultimately killed his father. Inigo spent years devoting himself to the practice of the sword so that one day, when he met this six-fingered man again, he could say, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

I loved the book for years before the movie and I love the movie just as much, as did many others, but until very recently there has been little to no Princess Bride merchandise available, possibly because the movie didn’t really hit cult status until it came out on video. Then we got re-releases, plush characters, action figures, T-shirts, games, another re-release, and even the hint of a sequel book. But no replica swords. Until now.

The Sword of Inigo Montoya replica has been copied from the only known existing prop version and is exacting in its detail with precise measurements, heft and balance. Featuring a swept-basket style hilt in gold over brass with gemstones and tableau-engraved decoration, the Renaissance-style rapier includes a mock-ivory handle and gold pommel, which has been lengthened slightly to accommodate a, ahem, somewhat unusual grip.

If you prefer a simpler style (or possess only the five fingers), there is also the Dread Pirate Roberts sword replica. Perfect for left- or right-handed swordsmen, the sword blade measures 32-inches long and is made of high-carbon sprung steel. The reproduction includes a leather-wrapped grip with chrome-plated steel hand guard and pommel, and the leather scabbard features chromed accents.

Each replica also includes a wall mounted display shield and numbered plaque, a certificate of authenticity and a prop story booklet, featuring a special introduction by Director Rob Reiner. Limited to 750 pieces each.

The swords are coming out in October but sources are already starting to sell out their preorders, so if you’re interested you should act fast. You can preorder (and see more photos)  at the Factory Entertainment website but you can get them both a bit cheaper at Entertainment Earth (Inigo sword, Dread Pirate Roberts sword).

Now I want to go watch the movie again…