Valentine’s Day: 14 romantic movies to share

By Burnaby Newsleader

What better night than Valentine’s to curl up and watch a romantic film. Here are 14 movies deemed very romantic. See if they will be the right fit for your movie night.

1. Dirty Dancing: This 1980s flick stands the test of time 25 years later. Baby, a good girl from an affluent family, falls in love with Johnny, a drifter dance instructor, while she’s on a family vacation at a Catskills summer resort. This movie showcases that sometimes love transcends prestige, personal status and well-meaning fathers.

2. Titanic: In another classic movie where love trumps social class, Rose and Jack fall in love aboard the doomed ship. Their passionate connection survives a tragedy and the ultimate separation.

3. Princess Bride: A Rob Reiner movie, this fairytale tells the story of Buttercup and Wesley, a poor farm boy who wins the love of his employer. When Wesley is presumed dead and Buttercup becomes engaged to an area prince she doesn’t love, viewers are taken on an adventure that shows that even death cannot stop true love.

4. Gone With the Wind: If a classic romance is what you desire, look no further than this epic film. Scarlett O’Hara is a conspiring woman who wants to choose her own husband, but ends up in the arms of rascal Rhett Butler amid the drama of the Civil War.

5. Pretty Woman: Despite a controversial storyline that puts Richard Gere and Julia Roberts together — he’s a businessman and she’s a prostitute — the theme of the movie is how love has no social boundaries, and sometimes it’s better to look beyond one’s own backyard for the love of your life.

6. Legends of the Fall: A tragic but inspiring tale of three brothers who all fall in love with the same woman, Susannah, for different reasons, although only one eventually marries her in the end. Family strife and complications show the darker side of love.

7. A Room With a View: Lucy vacations in Italy, where she meets people who are more passion-driven than those in her native Britain. When she meets Julian, a Brit who has been in Italy a while and has learned the wiles of romance, she is drawn into a liaison that she soon regrets.

8. Sleepless in Seattle: Sam loses his wife Maggie and has to raise his son, Jonah alone in their new hometown of Seattle. Annie, a Baltimore reporter, hears his heartbreaking tale when Jonah calls into a self-help radio talk show on Christmas Eve. Annie becomes fascinated with Sam’s story and wonders if they should meet.

9. Bridget Jones’s Diary: A modern day “Pride and Prejudice,” Bridget is a single woman in her 30s who has a poor self-image and is also in a pseudo-relationship with her scoundrel boss, played by Hugh Grant. Bridget is consistently thrown into circumstances that involve a family friend, Mark Darcy, whom Bridget sees as uptight and boring. Eventually, however, she sees a different side of the supposedly boring lawyer. Prefer the original? See Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley.

10. 50 First Dates: This quirky movie tells the tale of Henry, a bachelor and player who meets Lucy, a person with short-term memory amnesia who forgets everything from the day once she goes to sleep. Reliving day after day, Lucy starts to fall for Henry, who does his best to be memorable.

11. An Affair to Remember: Handsome playboy Nicky falls in love with Terry, a nightclub singer, while on a cruise from Europe to New York, despite each’s engagement to other people. They agree to reconnect in sixmonths atop the Empire State Building to see if they should continue their relationship. But Terry experiences a situation that keeps her from their meeting, leaving Nicky to wonder if her love has waned.

12. The Notebook: Allie and Noah meet at a carnival and fall in love but are kept from each other by Allie’s disapproving parents who move her away. Allie eventually engages another, but then must satisfy her curiosity whether Noah is alright.

13. The Holiday: Two women from different parts of the world agree to swap homes for Christmas and enjoy a vacation from their lives. Iris travels from London to Beverly Hills, while Amanda goes to Iris’ small cottage in Surrey. Both eventually meet their romantic matches but fret over what to do once the holiday ends.

14. Ever After: An interpretation of the classic Cinderella story, the movie follows Danielle, who is treated poorly by her stepmother and stepsisters after her father suddenly passes away. A bit of a hellion, Danielle catches the eye of Prince Henry, who believes her to be a courtess and not the lowly servant girl she really is.